GRit by Rewirededu

The Relational Intelligence Curriculum Where Mindset Matters

GRiT, a transformative high school-level course, empowers students to become healthy, influential leaders by harnessing the power of relational intelligence. In an ever-changing world, growth mindset and leadership skills are essential for success, and GRiT is designed to equip students with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in various aspects of life. This course is more than just a curriculum; it’s a journey towards students becoming their best version of themselves while fostering positive change in their school and community.
Photo of Mindset Matters class

Students Learn To:

two lobes of a brain. the right lobe has a heart on it symbolizing health and well-being.

Elevate their physical and mental health, promoting overall well-being

Be prepared to lead in various settings

Develop a strong sense of empathy and a commitment to the success and well-being of others.

Cultivate the Sherpa Mindset of guiding and supporting peers in their pursuit of success.

a person looking at their reflection in a mirror symbolizing self-awareness

Develop practical skills, knowledge, and a newfound sense of self-awareness.

What We Offer:

Comprehensive Curriculum Package

You will be provided with all the necessary resources to effectively deliver the curriculum. This includes a complete package comprising curriculum materials, slides, exercises, activities, and assessments.

Fully Trained Catalyst Instructors

At the heart of GRiT are our dedicated, fully trained, and certified Catalysts (the classroom teachers) to best understand and deploy the curriculum. Catalysts shall be committed to providing a high-quality educational experience, guiding students through the course, and helping them discover their unique leadership voices.

Ongoing Mentoring + Support

We understand that successful teaching and learning are not achieved in isolation. Therefore, Catalysts will receive ongoing mentoring and support to enhance their capabilities and ensure the highest standard of instruction.

Continuous Content Improvement

The team behind GRiT is committed to providing the most up-to-date and effective content. Our curriculum will evolve and improve year-over-year, driven by continuous feedback. This ensures that students receive the most relevant and impactful education possible, keeping the course fresh and aligned with current leadership principles and practices.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

GRiT offers students insights into personal and interpersonal competencies that support their abilities to engage in high level learning, manage their mental health, apply effective decision-making skills to meet goals, and demonstrate leadership in their community.  Kurt, along with community partners, facilitated engaging activities based on current neurological, psychological, social-emotional learning frameworks.  What a great opportunity for students to be career and college ready!

Blair Krueger

School Psychologist, School District of North Fond du Lac

GRiT is designed to equip students with invaluable tools and strategies to foster a growth mindset, resilience, and emotional intelligence. Based on internal data we know the number of students who struggle with emotional/mental health related issues has continued to increase over the years and is at an all time high. GRiT prioritizes well-being and mental health by incorporating strategies for coping with academic and personal pressures which cultivates habits that support our students overall wellness and resilience that prepares students with essential life skills vital for success in college, careers and beyond. With this course students learn to embrace challenges and learn that setbacks are opportunities to grow. In addition students develop essential skills in emotional intelligence which then fosters healthier relationships and more effective communication. By cultivating this mindset, students become more resilient and adaptable which in turns sets the foundation for academic and personal success.
Carrie Nitz

Dean of Students 6-12/Mental Health Navigator, School District of North Fond du Lac