for non-profit boards, teams, groups & executive teams.


Rewired Dynamics offers the following workshops for non-profit boards, teams, groups, and executive teams. For more information or to book a workshop for your organization, please contact [email protected].

5 Voices

Discover Your Leadership Voice

  • 90-minute workshop for teams of 2-12 people
  • Fewer tensions and challenges
  • Greater collaboration
  • Increased team performance

100X Leader: Basecamp

We start our leadership journey at Basecamp where we take stock of where we are at, establish a baseline for where we need to grow, and take a look at the journey ahead. It’s about getting clarity and getting familiar with the importance of self-awareness. Our aim is 100% health and the ability to multiply that health. This session is the first step on that journey. This is the first workshop in the series of six 100X Leader workshops.

Altitude Online Training Course
The 5 Voices System

5 Voices: Optimizing Team Performance

Great leaders must optimize Team Performance. Learn how to create team alignment and synergy by harnessing the contribution of all 5 Voices.